Wilfa Uniform


D loved his original Wilfa Svart Aroma coffee grinder. Once he learned that Wilfa had collaborated with Norwegian coffee legend Tim Wendelboe to create the Wilfa Uniform , he was ready to fly to Norway to get it!

The Uniform is a beautiful piece of kit. It looks great, and its steel, flat burrs grind slowly and evenly; you won’t see boulders of coffee in your grinds. These burrs also grind slowly to avoid inadvertent heating of the grinding beans that could change their flavour. It couldn’t be easier to dial in the fineness of the grind you want to achieve on the top of the machine. It’s also relatively quiet and turns itself off automatically when it’s done grinding.

In addition, it comes with a digital scale that doubles as its lid and a Bluetooth app that links to the scale. The app includes a timer and a brew guide that calculates the ratio of coffee to water and grind setting needed to produce a mild, Nordic, or intense brew of a given volume of coffee. Handy for experimenting with different flavours.

Quite honestly, D is in love. The only drawback is that the Uniform is not cheap; it will retail for around £335.


  • Sleek, minimalist cylindrical design that looks great on any worktop

  • Stainless steel, stabilised flat burrs that grind evenly every time

  • Slow grind that makes sure beans don’t get heated

  • 41 grind settings to dial in for the perfect brew

  • Auto-off functionality

  • Precision scale lid and linked Bluetooth timer and brew guide