Brewing and drinking at home; nothing can be better, right?

Brewing great coffee at home is easy. There are a tonne of ways to do it and lots of gadgets to help you along the way but the main thing is to make sure you get the cup you need, morning, noon or night.

Pour-over Method


Pour over coffee is pretty straight-forward. You take some ground coffee, put it into a filter, find something to hold the filter, pour hot water on the grounds, and let a nice cup of coffee drip through.

What you get is something quite different from espresso. Nowhere near as dense, punchy and creamy as espresso, and when we think of pour over, we think of a long, leisurely, take-your-time drink.


Pour-over makers

Here are some of the main options for making great pour-over coffee at home. Click on the images for more info.


Pour-over Instruction Videos

There are loads of great instructional videos available on Youtube but here are a couple which we think are really useful in describing how to get the most out of your pour-over options.


Moccamaster by European Coffee Trip

Elemental Coffee does V60