Brewing and drinking at home; nothing can be better, right?

Brewing great coffee at home is easy. There are a tonne of ways to do it and lots of gadgets to help you along the way but the main thing is to make sure you get the cup you need, morning, noon or night.

Other ways to brew


There are a tonne of other interesting ways to brew your coffee, ranging from the very simple and straight-forward, to the more complex.

Each method produces a different type of coffee, so we’d recommend experimenting with a few options to see what you like best. Alternatively, like us, you can build up a massive coffee collection and struggle with finding space to keep it all!



Three of the most popular alternative options for the home are the Cafetière, AeroPress and Moka pot. They are all superb home brewing options, with the Cafetière being the most straight forward, and the AeroPress and Moka taking a bit more (worthwhile) practice. Click on the images for more info.


Instruction Videos

These are just some of the many videos available to watch to help you choose and use the right method for you


Make amazing Moka Pot coffee with James Hoffman

Aeropress brewing with Alif Badri