Nude Coffee Roasters

Hacienda Sonora (Costa Rica)



This coffee is a beauty, and B can’t stop drinking it. It’s a natural processed coffee, but, unlike many naturals, it doesn’t have that pungent edge.

Rich, vibrant, sweet flavours abound. Along with the blood orange and grilled pineapple that Nude mention, B thought he tasted some honey and, when served with milk, some toasted caramel too.

Best served straight-up, but also tasty with milk. Drink it.

About The Beans

Tasting Date: 3/10/2019

Origin: Central Valley, Costa Rica

Producer: Alberto & Diego Guardia

Variety: Venecia

Process: Natural

Recommended Brew Method: Filter, but espresso available too

Roaster’s Tasting Notes: Orange and pineapple

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